An urgent message that could save your life...

Terrified of Falling? Discover How to Gain Stability and Stay on Your Feet!

Dear Friend,

Nothing is more frightening than going about your day…. and experiencing a sudden fall.

And in one instant, the quality of your life can be lowered forever.

If you’re lucky, you may simply experience a few cuts and bruises.

But 1 out of 5 falls cause serious injuries, including concussions, broken bones, back trauma, sprains, fractures and even death.

Each year, more than 3 million older adults are treated in emergency rooms after falling. Falls cause more than 95 percent of hip fractures, and also the most traumatic brain injuries.

Even one fall can lead to the end of your independence, and you may be forced to give up the work and activities you love.

Think You’re Too Young to Be at Risk For Dangerous Falls?
Think Again!

Are you buying into the myth that falls only happen to the elderly?

While it’s true that you’re more vulnerable to falling as you age….

Many other factors can cause you to lose your stability and balance, including….

  • High or low blood pressure
  • Weak muscles
  • Poor balance
  • Fatigue
  • Vertigo
  • Irregular heart rhythm
  • Stiff joints
  • Foot and ankle problems
  • Alcohol
  • Certain medications
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • And many more

After Hours of Tireless Research...

My Team and I Discovered the Most Effective, Easiest and All-Natural Ways to Prevent Falls

Since 1994, I’ve shown thousands of people throughout the world how to obtain relief from chronic pain through my groundbreaking programs.

To date, I’ve given over 352 presentations to more than 8,152 health professionals in the United States and Canada.

I’ve been featured in major media outlets, including Yahoo! News, Men’s Health magazine,,, Iron Man, Men’s Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many other leading publications.

I’ve personally witnessed the crippling physical and emotional toll that falls take on people.

So, I decided to learn the underlying cause of loss of stability and balance.

I put on my detective hat… and spent hours researching the latest medical and scientific studies.

I was determined to find the most effective, safest and scientifically proven natural methods that prevent falls and tumbles.

Mission accomplished!

The “14-Day Fall Prevention Quick Start Program” Shows You How to Stay Steady on Your Feet!

You’ll learn proven all-natural methods that lessen your risk for falls, spills and tumbles so you can enjoy your favorite activities without fear.

The best part? You won’t have to wait months, or even weeks, to notice results.

You can learn and implement these step-by-step strategies in just 14 days.

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  • Our Research-Based eBook, “Fall Prevention Checklist: Using Fitness and Nutrition to Protect Yourself From Falling”

In this jam-packed eBook, you’ll learn the best methods to create stability, balance and protect yourself from falling, including:

  • The top 7 balancing activities
  • The top 7 strengthening exercises
  • The 7 best foods and supplements
  • The 8 most effective ways to avoid falls
  • And much more!

You’ll also receive in the comprehensive 14-Day Fall Prevention Quick Start Program….

  • Our Delicious Cookbook, “Cooking for Stability: 25 Nutritious Recipes to Promote Balance and Strength”

Our team of leading nutritionists and professional chefs selected 25 of the tastiest meals and snacks that help reduce falls and fall-related injuries.

No matter how hectic your life is, you’ll be able to whip up these scrumptious dishes and snacks in mere minutes.

Not a Martha Stewart in the kitchen? No problem!

These step-by-step recipes will have you quickly cooking like a professional chef, even if your only past cooking experience is boiling water.

Here’s a “sneak peek” of a few of the tasty dishes in our amazing cookbook:

You won’t need to stress over menu planning and shopping, as you’ll have our expert guidance every step of the way.

You’ll also receive at no extra charge….

  • Cooking for Stability 14-Day Meal Plan

    Provides you with a comprehensive day-by-day menu plan to make incorporating these healthy meals into your life an easy-breezy process. You’ll always know which dishes to prepare for every single meal.

  • Cooking for Stability Shopping List

    Gives you every ingredient you’ll need to create these wonderful dishes, so shopping for them at the grocery store will be a cinch.

To Stay Stable on Your Feet…

You Also Need to Get Up and Get Moving!

If you sit behind a desk for hours each day, and then become a couch potato in front of the TV every evening…

Your sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk for dangerous falls.

Your muscles continue to weaken as you age. And since muscles are responsible for keeping you upright, when they become weak it increases your risk for falls.

That’s why we’ve included in this amazing workout program:

  • “10 Easy Movements to Prevent Falls”

10 Easy Movements to Prevent Falls is simple to perform… no matter how young or “old” you are, the state of your health and even if you’ve never exercised before in your life.

Rick will be guiding you every step of the way during these virtual training sessions, so there’s absolutely no risk of injury.

He’ll show you how to properly perform each movement, including the exact number of reps and sets to do, along with proper form and intensity.

Unlike the competitive nature of gym training floors, there’s no pressure to perform at a certain speed. You’re free to progress at the rate that feels most comfortable to you.

And to ensure you always have 100% support along the way, this program includes:

  • Instructional Video:

    You’ll never feel alone while following these amazing joint-strengthening videos. You’ll receive all the info you need to succeed, including how many reps and sets to do, along with proper form and intensity. Rest assured, you’ll always feel completely confident that you’re performing the exercises correctly, while remaining highly motivated.

  • Follow Along Video:

    Exercising can be intimidating, even for pros. In this wonderful follow along video, you’ll perform each of the exercises right along with Rick’s exercise assistant. Rick will be there to personally count out the reps and time, and provide motivation to keep you on track.

  • Convenient Manual:

    Refer to this convenient manual to learn the exact start and end position photos for each exercise, how to avoid the most common mistakes, and much more.

Let’s Fast Forward 30 Days into The Future…

  • You’ll finally be able to enjoy every minute of your life without fear of falling.
  • You’ll no longer be at risk for life-threatening injuries.
  • You’ll feel more stable with improved balance.
  • You’ll be fully independent and mobile.
  • You’ll be able to return to your work and favorite activities anxiety-free.
  • You’ll enjoy the healthy, active and joyful life you deserve.

For Just $10….
Receive Instant Access to The Complete “14-Day Fall Prevention Quick Start Program” including:

Our amazing eBook: Fall Prevention Checklist
Using Fitness & Nutrition to Protect Yourself from Falling

Our delicious cookbook that’s jam-packed with easy recipes: Cooking for Stability: 25 Nutritious Recipes to Promote Balance and Strength

  • Cooking for Stability 14-Day Meal Plan
  • Cooking for Stability Shopping List

Rick Kaselj’s simple (but powerful) exercise program: 10 Easy Movements to Prevent Falls

  • Instructional and Follow Along Videos
  • Convenient Manual



Get the Complete “14-Day Fall Prevention Quick Start Program” For the Crazy Low Price Of Only $10

[regular price of $57]

Secure Order Form

(Regular Retail Price $57)

Special Discounted Price

Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to the Fall Prevention Checklist, 10 Easy Movements to Prevent Falls, Cooking for Stability Cookbook including the 14-Day Meal Plan and Shopping List.